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Exposed Aggregate / Exposed Concrete

The term ‘exposed aggregate’ means we are exposing the stones / pebbles that the concrete is made from.
Exposed Aggregate is a hard wearing, easy to maintain surface that is suitable for:
•Driveways /Carports
•Patios / Alfresco Areas
•Swimming Pool Surrounds
To achieve this type of finish, once the concrete has been poured and the leveling and troweling of the concrete is complete, a chemical surface retarder is applied. The concrete is then left for several hours to cure. After a sufficient period of time, the concrete is high pressure washed to expose the aggregate or stones that you have selected.
Colour oxides can be added to your concrete mix to give contrast or highlight to the aggregate.
To finish your exposed aggregate concrete, the concrete is sawcut to provide expansion joints. The surface is acid washed and two coats of a quality clear concrete sealer is applied to further enhance the colours and textures and protect the area from stains. 
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