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Slate Impression Concrete / Stamped Concrete

Slate impression or Stamped concrete offers a distinctive and elegant look. You are able to recreate the look of slate, stone or tile by choosing from a wide selection of contemporary or traditional patterns.
Stamped impression concrete involves colouring freshly laid concrete. There are a wide variety of colours that can be used, along with release agents (which act as highlight to the base colour) that will suit any décor requirements. An attractive two-toned appearance (a mottled look or flashes of another colour) can be created by combining colours. Simply selecting a base colour and using a different colour release agent will achieve a look that adds to the aesthetic appearance of your home.
When the concrete is at the appropriate stage of hardening, a release agent is applied to the surface of the concrete. It is then ‘stamped’ using a textured or patterned mat. Once the concrete has hardened, the excess release agent is washed off.
The concrete is then sawcut to provide expansion joints and two coats of quality concrete sealer applied to protect it as well as enhance the appearance.
Stamped or Slate Impression Concrete is suitable for:
•Entertainment areas
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