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Slate Impression Concrete / Stamped Concrete

Stencil pattern concrete is created by adding colours, patterns and texture to the concrete at the time it is being poured. This enables us to create permanent, decorative, durable and non-slip surfaces.
The finished job has the attractive look of brick, stone or tile with a contrasting grout line.
Once your concrete has been laid and leveled, the stencil pattern is applied to the surface of the concrete.
The primary surface colour of stencil patterned concrete is achieved by working an oxide colour hardener into the concrete surface. This provides a deep color, as well as strengthening the surface to allow more resistance to chipping and scratching than normal concrete.
Emphasizing the border in your design by using contrasting patterns and colours allows you to add another dimension to your project and customize your look and style.
The concrete is sawcut to provide expansion joints and the finished surface is given two coats of quality clear concrete sealer to protect it, as well as enhance the appearance.
Stencil patterned concrete is suitable for
•Entertainment areas
•Pool surrounds
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